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Lassithi Plateau

The plateau is surrounded by so high and dense mountains that form a unique natural fortress...

History of the Plateau

Lassithi Plateau was located in the center of the Minoan World and has been inhabited since the Neolithic times...

Agritourism in Plateau

Lassithi Plateau is on the "Special Protection Areas" that have been established in the European Union for the protection of nature...

Archaeological sites

Since the ancient times we have had references to Lassithi Plateau mainly because of Diktaion Antron, that according to mythology....

Lassithi Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in Crete and is visited by more than 200 thousand tourists every year. It is a unique combination of natural beauty, mythology, history and traditional lifestyle.

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Photos of Lassithi Plateau

Kato Metochi

Kato Metochi, like every single one in the province, consists of buildings that were created after the 15th century. It was at that time when Venice decided to cultivate the plain of Lassithi again af...

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Tzermiado is the seat of the municipality of the Lassithi Plateau. Along with Agios Georgios they are the biggest villages in the Plateau and have the biggest population. All the authorities of the mu...

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Koudoumalia is one of the oldest and smallest villages of Lasithi Plateau. Along with Magoulas and Agios Charalampos, Koudoumalia is one of the highest villages in the plateau. Its name comes from a M...

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The settlement of Plati is one of the most historic villages in the Plateau, and has great archaeological interest. In 1913, after being recommended by Joseph Hatzidakis excavations took place near th...

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The village Magoulas is one of the first inhabited villages in the Plateau. It is the highest village in the Plateau since its last home is at an altitude above 900 meters. It is one of the most beaut...

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Farsaro, a settlement of Marmaketo, took its name by the first family of Farsaridon who inhabited it after 1463, when the Plateau was repopulated. From 1583 onwards it can be found in all the censuses...

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The village of Lagos was named after its first settler, named Thomas Lagos. Around the village several artifacts, vessels and looted vaulted tombs have been found, indicating that the area had been in...

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The village owes its name to the surname Marmakiotis of the first residents (See "Cretan Chronicles, "KE", and p. 296 Kastrofylakas (K219) Marmachiotti). According to another version, there were mines...

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Agios Charalampos (Geron…

The name of the town until 1960 was "Geron the Mouri " and from 1960 until today it is called Agios Charalampos due to the church of the village. Its original name, "Geron to Mouri", was given because...

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